Bites and Sites | Culture on a Spoon! Discover authentic Cape food and wine, diverse cultures and vibrant history on these unique tours. The classic walking tour will not only enlighten you about local food, but also about the history of Stellenbosch.

Hanli Fourie, founder, says food is a delicious expression of culture. For her, no visit to a town is complete without doing at least one of the following:

  • having a meal at an eatery where the locals hang out
  • learning to cook traditional dishes (first-prize is at the chef’s home!)
  • exploring its food markets

For Hanli, the key to unlocking the true gems, though, is having an insider - someone who can invite you into their culture and take you beneath the superficial surface. That is the philosophy at the heart of every Bites and Sites food tour. They invite you to savour Stellenbosch with them, because, after all, food is made for sharing.