Oom Samie se Winkel (meaning “Uncle Samie’s Shop”) is located in Dorp Street, It takes one back to the early 20th century to the days of the old general dealer who stocked everything that was needed by a family of the time. The store has been a Stellenbosch institution since 1904 and is now a national monument. It is a popular tourist attraction because it stocks rare items in the modern world.

The shop was one of the first trading stores in Stellenbosch. It was owned by Oom Samie Volsteedt from 1907 – Oom Samie was apparently well-loved due to his kind-heartedness and generosity. During the years it was given various facelifts and now sports an attractive Victorian look, what with its pavement veranda and delicate cast-iron tracery.
For a supreme olfactory experience, step inside to be greeted by scents of tobacco, dried fish, tanned leather and a variety of spices. Stocked to the roof rafters, the shop can offer the tourist everything from ostrich eggs and other curios to lacework and home-made preserves.